More on Head Injuries

So yesterday’s blog post was about concussion and head trauma in our children and young people, through the athletic activities we may be encouraging them to engage in. However, I have to admit, I do not like the idea of adults ruining their brains either. I know as a CranioSacral therapist there is much I can do to help the recovery of a first concussion or head injury. Maybe even a second one if the first one was well treated.  Repeated injuries are a different story.  It takes a really skilled therapist and a really motivated client the greater the damage. And drugs have an even worse track record, not to mention their side effects.

I have a cartoon on my kitchen wall that explains my position on this quite clearly and succinctly. Entitled, “Why Moms and Boxing Don’t Mix”, it shows two guys in a ring, one of them knocked out flat on the ground, and the other standing victorious with a “Mom”  acting as the referee and saying into her microphone,”The Winner….assuming you consider someone who makes a living causing blunt force trauma as being a ‘winner’ ….and still champion…”

I have to admit I don’t stay in the room when my son and my husband are watching those poor men beating each others brains out on television in MMA (mixed martial arts.) They both swear there truly is an art, real skill to it, and that George St. Pierre is a shining example of a man who has maintained his brain power as well as his championship titles. However, it does not take a genius to notice how long the vast majority of these guys last. When their brain-damaged eyes look into the camera as they shout at each other before the fights, I wonder…why can’t other people see this? And, the bigger question, why do we tolerate this as a culture? It is truly a puzzle to me.

We have enough activities across the course of our lives that can accidentally cause harm, without purposely choosing something that you know is going to damage your brain function and thus the quality of your life.

So this is one of those issues that continues to puzzle me…I understand we all have a side that can do damage to others. If someone ever tried to harm to one of my children I would and could “wipe them from the white board of life.”  I am not pretending I see only the sweetness and light of life. I just don’t understand purposely heading out in that direction…


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