More on GMO Labeling and How the Tide is Turning

Tune in LINK HERE to the hear an 8 minutes video done by the head of the Organic Consumers Association talk about where we are right now politically on taking back our right to know what we are eating. This video is not about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods (that is clearly no longer in question), but rather, how things are turning around politically right now and what that means for each of us. As many of you may know, the European Union voted down GMOs over a decade ago and all of their food supply is now properly labeled so they can make intelligent decisions about what they are eating.

This video makes the point (quite clearly and simply) that if the bill coming to vote November 5th in Washington state passes it will deal a big blow to Monsanto and the rest of the big agricultural companies. Why? Because it will force the companies who sell processed foods in that state to label everything – which means they will  also do this for the rest of us since it makes no financial sense to label things for only one state. Also, Washington state is the home of a huge salmon industry (check out the battle to create genetically modified salmon and how that will affect them negatively); the home of some of the best apples in the nation, and the home of large amounts of wheat production. All of these are things we touch, eat and should care about!

SO if you get a email from someone saying, support the Washington ballot initiative on November 5th, think about supporting it, even though most of us live a LONG way from Washington state. It will affect us a lot – do not be deceived. I also want to say that California narrowly lost a ballot initiative last November due to Monsanto and others pouring huge amounts of money into a smear campaign at the last minute that confused the public as to what the actual issues were. The GMO labeling initiative lost by a tiny margin (1 %). Think what we, the educated public, can do if we don’t let those kind of false advertising and smear tactics affect our clear thinking on important issues.

If you find yourself swayed by ads and confused, check out my 8 minute video on YouTube about staying grounded, clear and unshakeable about what the truth is in any given moment. LINK HERE . I made this video in 2008 for the presidential election and it is still valid and helpful to what is happening today – so watch, listen and enjoy!


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