More Dreams and Fewer Goals

This period every year is a wonderful time for assessing your life and your accomplishments. Here are some of the questions I ask myself:
Am I on track for what I set out to do this year?
What did, and did not work the way I planned it, and why?
What do I want to let go of so I can move into the new year less encumbered with the baggage of what is now over.
Who do I need to forgive so that I can move on?

It can also be a good time to look ahead into the coming year and set intentions that are in alignment with who you are. However, there are some pitfalls to simply making lists or goals to guide your actions. A friend of mine, Maribel, had a dream recently. In the dream she was having a conversation which clearly articulated what we are talking about here.

“Life can feel difficult, sad and empty when our dreams become simply goals;  especially when these goals do not include our hearts. Then, it seems that our lives become an ever growing list of things to do or errands to run.”

“I want to live a life inspired and fueled by more dreams and fewer goals!”

“Goals are very important; they give us a physical, tangible thing to reach for…they help us identify which resources are available and which ones we need.  But it is our dreams, inspired and nourished by our hearts, that ultimately allow us to experience joy in our lives.”

More on this tomorrow – on New Year’s Eve.


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