Mineral Baths, Healing Bodywork and More


As you can see from the photo above, I have figured out how to add photos to my blog posts!

In my ongoing travels this summer, we arrived late last night at an exquisitely beautiful guest house in Big Sur and came down to Esalen this morning for a soak and a massage to help us “arrive” here in this cool, misty oceanside oasis.

As I slid into the hot mineral water any tension left in my body started to dissolve. The ocean is vast beneath our large stone tub perched on the cliffside, and some water creature is popping up and down beyond the kelp beds, causing us to lean over the edge and peer closely to figure out what it is. No luck. It will remain a mystery. Tamara, Sharon and I got nicely warmed and relaxed by the time our therapists showed up to claim us.

The bodywork was exquisite for all of us (blessings on the amazing bodywork staff here at Esalen) and we were soon climbing the hill for lunch in the lodge. I noticed in the catalog that a man named Mark Robert Waldman is doing a talk tonight for the entire community on the Living Human Brain and we all start to discuss how Full Body Presence and his brainscan research overlap. Minutes later he has magically appeared, introduced himself and plopped down at our table to discuss just that, and we are off and running.

Next to arrive is the head of the maintenance department, who happens to be a poet, who then shares a wonderful poem he wrote. I ask him if I can share it with all of you – my blog readers. He is sending it to me right now, so tune in tomorrow for some fabulous poetry.

Then my old friend and fellow teacher here at Esalen, Laura Day arrives, and amid squeals of delight we are catching up on a whole year of not connecting.

Welcome to Esalen – hot bed of creativity and enjoyment of life.


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