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Become a Master Practitioner of
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Become a Master Practitioner of Healing From the Core®

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Once you have achieved HFC Certification status, you are eligible to deepen and enhance your HFC skills by crossing the threshold into our Master Certification Track.

Benefits of Master Certification

In addition to all the benefits you will receive as a Certified Practitioner, you will also enjoy:

  • Exclusive access to Monthly Inner Circle Calls with Suzanne Scurlock and other Master Practitioners for support, community and networking
  • Eligibility to assist future advanced-level workshops
  • Consideration for our future Presenter and Teacher Track to build your leadership presence and public speaking skills
  • A Master Practitioner emblem to enhance your Practitioner profile on the Healing From the Core website
  • The privilege of displaying the Master Practitioner emblem on your own website and in your marketing materials

Requirements of Master Certification


Successful completion of the HFC Certified Practitioner program


Completion of three Level 2 Advanced Immersions

  • Discovering Your Energy Signature 2
  • Dialoguing 2
  • Decoding the Impact of Trauma 2

Completion of three Self Healing From the Core OnDemand courses

  • Soul Embodiment
  • Reclaiming Your Bod
  • Expanding Present Moment Consciousness

Participation in the annual Live Online Release and Renewal New Year Retreat

Successfully facilitate two sessions, each one with an HFC Instructor and/or Master Certifier

Sign the licensing agreement and submit annual investment ($97)

Easy, Money-Saving Bundle Package

(convenient, monthly payment plans also available)

Option No.1:
Individual Purchases

Learn the tools, the confidence, and mastery to implement these skills into your practice.

Sign up for each requirement as you go. Complete your Certification one step at time.

  • 7 Master Level Trainings, individually $447.00 ea.
  • 2 Sessions with Instructor, individually $250.00 ea.
  • Bundle Discount of $1150.00
  • No payment plan

Master Certify for


Yes, I prefer to pay full price

Option No.2:
Master Bundle Package

Are you all in on mastering these skills so you can offer a transformational, life-changing experience to your clients?

Take advantage of Huge Savings on the Master Certification Path.

  • Save $1,050.00 on 7 Master Level Trainings, only $297 ea.
  • Save $100.00 on 2 Sessions with Instructor, only $200 ea.
  • Payment plan available

Master Certify for

Only $2479.00

Let's Take a Closer Look at the Trainings
and What You Will Learn

Discovering Your Energy Signature 2

Discovering Your Energy Signature 2
Learn the skills to emerge knowing not only how you come across to others, but how to modulate your Energy Signature to meet an even wider range of people in your practice and out in your life.

Dialoguing 2

Dialoguing 2
Learn how to dialogue from a position of grounded neutrality that allows your client to feel safe, supported and valued without retriggering any more trauma.

Impact of Trauma 2

Decoding the Impact of Trauma 2
Learn how to recognize the physical, emotional, and psychic damage that shows up — and may persist — long after trauma has taken place. Awaken your awareness to present-moment inner sensations that can guide you and your clients in finding their way home, and healing from the traumatic events of the past.

Image: Digital Illustration of an androgynous silhouette, standing with their arms slightly our and palms facing forward, with bright light emanating from within and colorful lights swirling out and around them.

Soul Embodiment
Learn and practice the “How To” skills and tools needed to bring your nervous system to a clear and grounded state — creating a coherent energy presence — for you and the ones you love and care for.

Reclaiming Your Body
Learn how to hold with compassion, heal, and integrate the parts of you that may have been lost, traumatized, compartmentalized, disowned, or simply left behind – so you can reclaim your heart, your gut, your bones and all the other wisdom areas within.

Soul Embodiment

Expanding Present Moment Consciousness
Learn how to step fully into the present moment as you let go of unhealthy connections, DNA memory and lineage trauma.

Release and Renewal

Release and Renewal
Through embodiment practices and live storytelling, you’ll renew your connection to your own spirit and manifest the authentic future only YOU can fulfill. Together, we’ll clarify your Soul’s Intentions with your Full Body Presence.

Certification Track At-A-Glance

HFC Master Certification Path
Benefits of HFC Master Certification
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We are HONORED to guide you on the path to becoming one of our elite team of MASTER Certified Practitioners who are each devoted to making the world a healthier, more loving and compassionate place.

If you have any questions about Certification, please contact our Certification Director, Lynn Foley, at Lynn@HealingFromTheCore.com

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