Love the One You’re With

Crosby, Stills Nash and Young had a whole different take on my title when they sang a song by the same name decades ago. It was one of my favorites then, and this phrase is one of my favorites still today.

Except that today “the one I am with” is myself – and more specifically – my body, mind and spirit.

Much has been done across the millennia to respect and love our minds and our spirits. Our body? Not so much…

Thus the focus in my recently released book Reclaiming your Body: Healing From Trauma and Awakening to the Your Body’s Wisdom .

It’s about helping people to reclaim or come home to the wisdom of their body. I think this quote from the book says it all.

“Your relationships with other people throughout your lifetime – with your parents, spouses, children, friend and teachers – will shift as time passes and situations change. As long as you are alive, however, your body is always with you. It is so beneficial to have a strong, deep, intimate relationship with your own unique physical self. Your body is designed to guide you, keep you safe, and bring you full vitality and pleasure. It is the vehicle through which you create and manifest your thoughts and dreams into reality. In this book, you will discover how establishing and nurturing a healthy relationship with your body will allow you to reclaim lost parts of yourself, tap into your body’s wisdom, and better navigate your life.”

And in this strong focus on healing our relationship with the body, I am joined by Rose Corrick of Art of Cloth who is helping women everywhere “love the one they’re with” – their body!

Here’s to her wonderful mission in life. One that I whole heartedly support – financially as well as energetically! Since meeting her last summer and having her help me expand my wardrobe with her elegant, artsy, comfortable and feminine clothing line – I LOVE what I look like in the mirror as well as how i feel in her creations.

And her mission goes beyond just what we look like (although, let’s face it, that helps doesn’t it?) Read her blog HERE about Art of Cloth and what gets her out of bed in the morning and sets her heart on fire. She designs and creates beautiful clothing for women of all sizes and shapes.

Thank you SO much Rose, for what you do. And enjoy!



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