Love and Gratitude


As our morning ceremony in Healing the Pelvic Floor workshop is winding down and everyone is preparing for the celebratory soak in the mineral baths tonight, the circle of faces reflects the support and love that has been manifest in this workshop. When women (or men) gather with the intention to love and support themselves and those around them, magic generally does happen. And this year has been particularly sweet, so I find myself sitting here in the lodge full of gratitude for this work that I do.

The interesting thing about love and gratitude is how it opens the heart wide, which in turn creates more love and feelings of warmth and gratitude, which creates more open-hearted presence and so on. Given the amount of fear and negativity loops that run through most people these days, I feel honored and delighted to be an conduit of these positive feedback loops of gratitude and love. As my staff and I stood together this morning preparing for our ceremony, tears of joy and gratitude filled our eyes.

So I would like to extend this feeling of warmth and open-hearted joy and gratitude to everyone reading this blog – go hug someone today and spread it around!

And, enjoy!


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