Living From Your Full Compassionate Heart

I am so excited to be speaking on Living From Your Full Compassionate Heart at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival . The conference starts this Thursday evening. The lineup of speakers is awesome and it is one of the leading wellness festivals in the world

The topic of how to live from a place of open heartedness while maintaining healthy boundaries is one that is near and dear to my heart. Often we aspire to be more open hearted in our lives as it brings more opportunities for ease, joy and love. However the conundrum is what about when things get scary or life is too demanding? How do we maintain and nurture our open-heartedness under those conditions?

One key is to remember that the heart needs the support of the rest of the body. So the process of staying grounded and full is vital for maintaining an open heart. I will be talking about this and more in Sun Valley, Idaho on Saturday. IF you have this weekend open join me – if not, remember that keeping your energy reservoirs full by grounding and filling regularly through out your life will support your compassionate heart.

And, enjoy!


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