Listening Touch

As Day four of Cellular Resonance – Radiant Health completes, I am reflecting on how important listening touch is for the healing process. We just completed a day of practicing the art of listening to different structures in the brain, starting with the thalamus. It was a transformative process in unique ways for everyone. The exciting part is that everyone was able to listen with their touch – hands-on practitioners and non-bodyworkers alike. This listening touch simply requires an openness to discovery and gentle, kind hands. And, the effects today were remarkable.

Then, I come home to an email about a physician, Abraham Verghese, whose talk is about the transformative process of listening with his touch to his patients! Take a moment to click on the link above and watch this fascinating twenty minute talk.

I sincerely hope he makes a huge difference in his field. We need more doctors like him. And, we need more hands-on healthcare practitioners of all kinds (PTs, MTs, OTs, DCs, etc.) who know how to listen with their touch to the people they are treating. In this current healthcare climate, where machines and technology are threatening to taking over, may we not forget the most powerful healing tools we have – our hands and our hearts.


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