Listening to the Body

As this week grows to a close, I am touched by the way that the Universe speaks to us and teaches us about connection. As we went around the closing circle this morning, it was a joy to see the light in the eyes of the women gathered there. Their stories are so rich and varied – it was interesting to remember back to last Friday evening when we began. As each skill was shared with them, a layer or two of facade or pain would slip away. Each time they share from their hearts, another layer was released. And now, on this circle, were all these faces that radiated deep change and healing.

I have deep gratitude to so many for what happened here – to my staff of fantastic women: Chery Owens, Heather Hannam, Sheila Sagert, Sharon Sherman, and Robin Burnside; to the staff and land here at Esalen; and to each of the participants for listening to their hearts and showing up. Enjoy!


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