Listening to My Heart

As I travel through this busy life
Days full of play and work responsibilities
Moments filled with joy, pain or both

My mind sometimes thinks it is boss,
Until my heart emerges,
Surges into my awareness

Filling up and spilling over with love
Being touched by someone or something I see.

Sometimes reminding me of an unmet  need,
It becomes an ache in my chest,
In the face of what has been forgotten,
Until that moment when the dull pain emerges.

Speaking to me,
Whispering softly in my ear,”I love you”
Sometimes shouting, “Listen!”

And I do my best to listen,
Honestly, I do,
Although not always as closely as it would like.

Yet, it always returns another day to sing to me:
“Listen, listen, listen to my heart’s song…
I will never forget you, I will never forsake you
Listen, listen, listen to my heart’s song.”


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