Listen in LIVE: How my Collaboration with Emilie Conrad Changed Us Both

If you received my email update last Monday, you’re probably aware of the Journey to the Heart summit on overcoming trauma and abuse that I’m participating in this month with host Svava Brooks.

But, there’s a second summit I am presenting in this month as well, for members of the somatic movement community!

QUANTUM EMBODIMENT: Our Evolutionary Moment Where Wave Meets Particle and Mind Meets Body
cropped somatic image

This LIVE audio summit, hosted by Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher Teri Carter, features a fabulous group of somatic educators and therapists who have a tremendous amount of experience and wisdom. I am thrilled to be among them! The Summit has already started and runs through Saturday the 23rd, with a live audio interview at 10AM PT/1PM ET and 5PM PT/8PM ET each day.

Join me Tomorrow, Tuesday January 19th

Emilie Conrad and I explored the role of internally inspired movement in hands on bodywork for 17 years. We covered anatomy and physiology as well as the edges of human consciousness and healing presence. Tune into my interview with Teri at 5PM PT/8PM ET this Tuesday for how this collaboration changed both of us, and brought a new horizon to both communities.

And, Enjoy!


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