Life’s Ups and Downs

I continue to be amazed at how life offers me multiple opportunities in any given day to experience love and connection and beauty, and then lack and want and feelings of being less than someone else.

As I look back over this week I am struck by the breadth of experience I have had in just the last seven days. As I do all the things that keep me healthy (walking, eating good food, being in right relationship) there are still pockets of beauty (aren’t the pink azaleas so exquisite right now?) and pockets of lack (why can I not organize my office better?)

Sometimes I can recognize that it truly is all a choice, moment to moment, in how we perceive the world. And whether or not if feels safe. And whether or not we stop to take pleasure and enjoy our lives and our relationships. So take a moment this weekend – if you choose – to slow down and appreciate something in your world. Drink it in and appreciate what you have. And, enjoy!


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