Life’s Magic

I have been on the road teaching and sharing for the last two weeks – and what a true delight it has been.

I started in SanDiego teaching a fabulous group of CST practitioners the Developing and Deepening CranioSacral Presence course – with a wonderful circle of staff support.

In teaching this group I remembered again the roots of why I began developing my Healing From the Core curriculum twenty five years ago, during my first decade of teaching CranioSacral therapy. This past week, every word I spoke (and the ones I misspoke too!) was soaked up by this group, as they got to practice vital skills for doing excellent CST – the tools that support having a strong therapeutic presence.

I felt exhilarated by the time we were done. This happens to me when a group really gets it — the magic — of what their own therapeutic presence can do to bring forward their own skill and their own magic with more grace and ease…ahhh….

Then I was whisked away to Mountain Valley Retreat outside of Ranchita, CA by my good friend and soul sister, Chery Owens. She has created a true oasis in the desert here. I got to spend five days relaxing and writing the rest of the core chapters for my new book – due out early next year!

Then Chery took us to Borrego Springs for a magical tour of the art that has been installed around the desert in that town – fun! Here is the largest of this artist’s installations – a dragon! A magical encounter to be sure – standing in the 120 degree heat of the desert floor in front of this creature with my buddy Carolina.


Then on to Esalen – on the ancient grounds of these hot springs and exquisite beauty I am honored to be able to open new horizons for my students. The Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries (HFFBP) workshop began last night and I am already deep in the magic what this week holds for all of us.

This morning began with an intimate conversation between myself and humming bird, sitting 4 feet away on a branch…can’t get much better than that! More photos to follow this week, so stay tuned!


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