Life is FULL

Tonight, I am finding myself in a place of feeling completely full:

Full of the work that I love,
Full of the myriad of details that demand my attention every moment that I am not in the treatment room,
Full of love for the people around me,
Full of sensing my own needs and listening to them,
Full of trusting that I will supported in what I am doing until it is done,
Full of wondering about whether I am listening closely enough,
Full of the entire range of feelings, from completely energized to wanting to lay down and take a nap,
Full of the moments when I am not understood and find myself frustrated,
Full of not always knowing what is best – in fact – not knowing at all what direction to take in certain moments,
Full of connections with friends and family that feel rich and deep,
Full of time in nature that replenishes me,
Full of yet more details that I wish I could let go of – but know I must pay attention to,
Full of the love of my life’s work and what it has brought me….in a word – full.
How is your life this evening?


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