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The Ocean at Dawn

The Ocean at Dawn

As I go through my final week here, I am cherishing my connections to this place. I thrive on the clear, cool air. I am fed deeply by the garden flowers of all scents, sizes and colors shining in the sunlight. The humming birds and monarchs are everywhere this year – dive bombing us with no fear.

Then there is the ocean – the beautiful, wild ocean: listening to the waves at all times of day and night, the kelp beds, the dolphins, and the reflection of the sun on the wide expanse.

Beyond that there is the joy of having friends to share excellent meals with everyday. Tonight I had dinner with two other staff mothers, and we reminisced about how long our sons have known each other (about 18 summers spent together.)

The food alone is worth the trip – most of it organic and fresh. And the salad bar goes on forever. The lodge with the large wooden tables full of smiling faces laughing and talking together. The quieter solarium with the view of the sunsets after dinner, although they are definitely better from the lawn.

I love to start the day by walking in the early morning on Route 1 with Carlos, watching the sun come up over the ridge. Alternately I like to wake up early and write with a cup of tea, watching the ocean as the light creeps across it. There is not a bad morning here at Esalen.

I am so full. It has been an excellent summer here. Thank you Esalen! I will miss you!


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