Life As We Live It

As this week unfolds, I am struck by how my choices in each moment affect my relationships. And, how it often happens unplanned. And, if I am not available for it – as in present-in-the-moment -it can be missed altogether.

Tonight my son and I, on the spur of the moment, changed direction completely and went to a favorite old haunt, The Tortilla Factory restaurant in Herndon because someone had told me earlier in the day that it was closing soon. In fact it is closing very soon, and there was a line out the door as huge numbers of people showed up to “pay their respects” and say goodbye to a wonderful local tradition. We looked at each other and decided to stay, knowing it would be a wait and would change the course of our evening probably.

The service was uncharacteristically slow, and as we sat there with all this time to share, slowly he began to talk. Since I was present, not distracted, he continued way beyond his normal sharing limit as a teenage boy , and what came out was really important to him. I fed back to him what I was hearing and he talked some more. As the hour wore on and food finally arrived he continued. It was wonderful to listen and hear what is going on for him, even though he was not happy and I could easily have argued that he was not seeing things clearly. Instead, I simply listened.

Afterwards, I wondered when and if I would have heard any of this from him if we had eaten our quick dinner that was originally planned.

Have you simply listened to someone recently? If not, give it a try. I highly recommend it.


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