Letting in the Love – Reclaiming Our Innocence

As we bring our week here to a close, I am struck by the ways in which we as human beings can let in the love that is around us all the time. My main staff person this month, Chery Owens, wrote an exquisite piece on innocence and  the process of reclaiming it (more on that tomorrow if she will share it.) The group of us who have gathered here to work together this week had a circle where we shared our own experiences of innocence. It was wonderful. Chris Slate, Lorna Milliken, Karen Axelrod and her sweetie Eric, Carlos – my sweetie, and of course Chery Owens all sat down together to share the ways in which we experience our own innocence, and how we want to reclaim it.

Sitting out on the lawn in the shade here at Esalen, it was a sweet and profound sharing of our hearts. I am in awe of how possible it is to create a community where honesty and vulnerability  are allowed and encouraged. And lots of laughter,tears and love are as well. Thank you to all of you for our time together. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to support the work we do and to share in the vision of a world that is healing through touch and presence. You are very special people and I love you all!


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