Let the Day Breathe You

As I settle back in, here in Virginia, even with the glorious sunny weather, I am moving quite slowly (independent of my healing foot.) I find myself needing to touch, open, clear out and reorganize things around my house. I call it piddling around. It grounds me in some way I don’t really consciously understand. I have put on music and gone through my mail. I have watered plants, pinching off dead leaves as I go. I have cooked and done laundry. I have talked to the cat at length. I have gone to bed early and let myself sleep in (and my internal time clock has responded by coming back to east coast time faster than ever before.) I have almost no professional-work neurons firing yet. And I am letting it be so.

Today I got together with my good friend Kay Schaefer for lunch and a trade. She told me that in her morning meditation she had been asking how to be more present in each moment of her day, and she had heard the words, “Let the day breathe you.” I was struck by how that fit what I have been doing since arriving home. Letting the day breathe me – letting myself move from one thing to the next as easily as inhaling and exhaling. If it is harder than that, I let it go and move on to something else. I might circle back around to it later – or not. It is as though, after seven weeks away, I am re-introducing myself to this place – my home – here in Reston, Va. That may sound strange, but I don’t think I could do it any other way right now.

As the days go by, I can feel myself gathering steam, preparing to jump back into my normal flow of work and play, with friends and family. This choice to take three days to re-enter feels right. I have never allowed myself this amount of time, and I must say this rhythm of “letting the day breathe me” feels very good.

Give it a try in whatever way you can in your life – you might like it!


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