Leaning Outward or Leaning Inward

A client came in today with an interesting issue. It became apparent as we worked together and she listened to her inner wisdom, that she had spent most of her life leaning outward, and into those she cared for – meaning she did not have a strong sense of who she was, at a soul level, inside herself. All her life she had been praised for taking care of others, knowing what they needed, and caring about what others thought of her, above what she thought about herself. So as they shifted, were angry, needy, sad or happy – she shifted with them. She had recently found herself feeling blown around and blown out, depleted by other people’s opinions and decisions. She realized she did not know how to lean inward, into herself, to regenerate and renew her strength.

We worked with the Full Body Presence process until she began to have a sensation in her own gut that felt like hers. Then she began to feel more in her heart. Next she began to feel her feet and legs. It was an exciting progression through the hour. When we finished she was feeling a sense of wholeness she had never experienced before. It was wonderful.

In the aftermath it occurred to me that her dilemma is not unique. Many people are taught to pay no attention to their own insides, their own knowing. They are usually taught early, how to lean outward, noticing how to fill the needs of those around themselves in order to please or in order to stay safe. Whatever the reason, it is not beneficial to anyone to not know how to balance inward and outward; being able to lean in when that is appropriate, and knowing how to lean out and connect to others when that is most appropriate.

Think about it for a moment, which do you feel more comfortable with? There is a price to pay for each imbalance – what is yours?


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