July 4th – A Holiday Worth Listening In On

Today is our Independence Day here in the United States and the ideals and principles our forefathers and mothers were fighting for were steeped in integrity and honoring of the human spirit. When I found this TED.com talk this morning, I realized Julian Treasure’s topic “How to Speak So People Want to Listen” is a worthy one to remember on this day of celebration, because we truly live in a time of media cacophony, and poor speaking habits that keep us from truly listening to each other and deeply understanding the message being sent.

As a public speaker of three decades myself, I also have a great deal of respect for his ability to distill all these important ideas into one short TED.com talk!

Here is the  LINK in a  shortened version and below is the long web address if the link does not work for you.


And, enjoy!


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