Jack Canfield Just Plugged My Book!

In writing Reclaiming Your Body, I put my whole heart and soul into it. However, I know that does not necessarily mean that it will be successful and touch all the people I have dreamed about reaching in terms of healing and transformation.

When it went to the AMAZON #1 New Release in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – and is still there as I post this –  I was delighted, humbled and felt a wave of energy starting.

Then there was the Tweet by Jack Canfield yesterday – I have to share that one of my all time heroes in the writing world is Jack Canfield. So when I saw his congratulatory Tweet yesterday about Reclaiming Your Body I was over the moon excited. This man writes and lives from the integrity of his heart. I really respect that.

While I have not met him yet in person, I have a friend, Chris who knows him personally and says, “He is the real deal. He walks his talk.”

So needless to say – I am celebrating today – Thank you Jack!

If you are one of the people who has helped me to reach that #1 New Release status at Amazon – and you have devoured the book already – please let me know what you think by reviewing it. You can do so at any of the online booksellers. Or perhaps leave a review at GoodReads if you use them.

Thank you to everyone who heard the call, bought the book and is now enjoying it. May all those who need the information and explorations in my book receive it, practice it and love their lives more deeply for it.


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