Institute for Transformational Leadership – Launched!

I was honored to present my Full Body Presence work at this landmark conference at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore MD today. Below is the opening of my talk for these wonderful leadership coaches who gathered here to celebrate.

“I am delighted and honored to be here celebrating this wonderful time with all of you. I am really excited to be sharing some information with you today that comes out of my work as an Instructor of CranioSacral therapy for the Upledger Institute for the last 26 years.

In 2009, my life-long friend Bette George shared my book, Full Body Presence, with her close colleague Kate Ebner, who shared it with her colleague Chris Wahl and the collaboration between this work and the coaching world began in earnest.

I’d like to thank those three wonderful women as well as the other G.U. Leadership Coaching staff members who have helped in the translation these last three years of “what is presence for coaches”, using the navigational system of the coaches own body in leadership coaching conversations.

I love the synergy of what we are creating together. Today’s program will give you a glimpse, some of the gold nuggets in the upcoming series specifically designed for coaches.

This presentation provides a simple, elegant doorway into present-moment consciousness.  I say “simple” and “elegant” because the practices I will be sharing are not complex or hard to understand. In fact, they are so simple that your mind may initially want to discount them.  Don’t be deceived by their simplicity. Although these practices are easy to understand intellectually, integrating them into our lives and the practice of coaching can be challenging.

Many of you have years of experience and have mastered all the coaching competencies needed to work successfully with clients – FBP will offer you an additional way to strengthen your capacity to hold a centered presence for another person using your own navigational field as an instrument.

This can then be a foundation for all the other tools you have for holding a steady presence in which someone else’s transformational growth process can unfold more easily.

Today’s presentation contains experiential work that is designed to help you pay attention to the subtle cues you receive from your body and surrounding environment all the time. This will then give you access to your own, highly valuable inner landscape, which enhances your ability to be more fully present with your coaching clients.

If you feel overwhelmed at times by your feelings or those of your clients, today’s presentation will help you develop your body and energy field into a container that can hold and modulate the whole range of human emotions.  Learning to build this capacity within your navigational field enables you to have feelings and learn from them.

In my 25 years of inquiry into what is Full Body Presence, I’ve watched thousands of students move into the deeper resonance and connection to life that is our birthright as human beings and which I believe is also one of the basic tenets of leadership coaching – am I correct about that?

As I mentioned a moment ago, this work has grown out of my many years of teaching hands-on healing techniques, mostly CranioSacral therapy, to healthcare professionals.  This system of healthcare demands that its practitioners learn to listen acutely, to tune in deeply to the human being on their therapy table. In coaching the skill of listening acutely and tuning in deeply to your clients is a core competency as well.  What we are talking about is getting in touch with our bodies own wisdom, bringing what we already know to conscious awareness so it is available in every coaching session you do.

This quality of presence enables you to remain grounded in the face of strong client emotions which can be evoked in the coaching process, it enables you to be deeply empathetic without taking on your client’s pain, grief or rage, and without being triggered emotionally yourself; and to deliver the coaching process without inadvertently violating the client’s boundaries or losing your own.

Full Body Presence allows us all to come home to ourselves more deeply and fully on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, as well as bringing a more fully engaged presence to your coaching practice. It can also be a resource for you in your daily life as you deepen your process of growth and self-awareness.

As an added bonus, the ability to become a grounded support system for someone else’s transformation will bring you into a deeper state of grace and resonance within your own being. Everyone receives from this equation.  In this paradigm, to give is indeed to receive.”


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