In Awe of the Healing That Happened

This past weekend brought the Expanding Present Moment Workshop to a close, leaving all of us who staffed it in awe of the healing that transpired in those five days. It was amazing and one of the participants sent me a poem by Terri St. Cloud that really says it all. Here it is, along with the link to her blog spot

a friend inspired me today…….

her and her beautiful heart…….

Taking you past wall after wall,

carrying you beyond the protections

and the hiding places,

it washes you into the open –

to the space of healing and love.

it’s a river you must dare to ride

if you ever really want to live.

it begins with a tear,

your tasting of its salt,

and your trusting another to taste that salt with you.

She speaks to the healing that occurred for so many in our group this weekend. Thank you Terri!



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