Immune System Inspiration

Having just returned from being immersed in the immune system class material, I am seeing opportunities everywhere for what I just learned to teach. Of the five sessions I did today, three of them had some immune system dialogue. I also began my day by balancing some of my own immune system’s imbalances in meditation.

One interesting thing that I saw today in session was what happens in the aftermath of a bad flu or respiratory infection. The chest locks down with the ribs being tightly knit together from coughing. The neck is tight, the Gall Bladder 21 points in the shoulders are congested, and the diaphragm often is pulled in tight, causing the liver/gallbladder area to suffer.

So I gently began my hands-on conversation with the lower end of this complex (the diaphragm and liver area) and worked my way upward across the hour following the lead of her body. In each area we dialogued with the tissue to find out what it needed, and offered it whatever it asked for. My client was easily able to discern what each area needed – what color, what movement, what direction of energy flow. We laughed together at the end as I said to her, “There are two kinds of sessions – the ones we do together when you are in need of a listening ear, or deepening your potential in some way. I call those ‘thriving’ sessions. Today we were doing something different. We were doing a pure ‘survival’ session, bringing you back from this awful infection!” When my client left she was smiling and ready to get back to her life.





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