Immune Function and Trauma Intertwine

I just returned from teaching 26 students The Upledger Institute’s CranioSacral Immune Response I in New York City. It was a great group and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. On several occasions during the class I was struck by how trauma effects immune function: how shock – large or small – can freeze and paralyze our systems, slowing down the capacity of the body to heal properly. It felt sweet to add into the class some of  the skills I will be teaching in Trauma Recovery to Ecstasy: Healing the Nervous System (HFTR), November 6 – 10th in West VA.

It is amazing how beautifully and effortlessly the cellular intelligence of the body wakes up and unfolds when it feels safe and secure. Simply being present, with no agenda in a grounded, loving manner with someone who is re-experiencing old shock allows that sense of safety to emerge. And, once the body feels safe, the frozen quality of shock effortlessly starts to melt away at its own pace. A large part of everything we teach comes down to presence – the therapeutic presence we hold for ourselves and others is key to unlocking this innate ability to heal. It was heartwarming to facilitate this process again and again in this class. And, I am excited to be teaching more of it in the upcoming HFTR workshop.

It feeds my soul to facilitate this depth of healing and I want to thank the class from last week in NYC, who received me and what I had to teach so fully. I also want to thank all of you who are signed up for HFTR starting November 6th. It promises to be an exciting time of growth, healing, and camaraderie. There are several places still available if you feel called to be there. CLICK THIS LINK for all the details. And, enjoy!


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