I am Grateful For…

I am grateful for family and friends to share a table
what matters in our lives
delicious food
and song.

I am grateful for time to relax
enjoy a walk
share stories
and laughter.

I am grateful for challenges met
my sister’s successful knee surgery
my daughter’s new job & apartment
my mom’s health and company.

I am grateful for love and abundance
for recognizing it all around me
being open to receiving it
the sense of fullness it brings.

I am grateful.


One thought on “I am Grateful For…

  1. Every mornig as I start my day with Continuum sounds I am grateful for being a part of world wide net of Continuum movement and Cst fans. And I am grateful for being helped to overcome a Trauma.
    I ve heard that keeping a Diary of Everyday Gratefulness is a good I idea! I will try.???????????? with Love Reija from Finland

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