Honoring Our CST Lineage and Rebirth

I am here in Jupiter Beach Florida, having just attended the Celebration of Life for John Matthew Upledger – what an incredible gathering!

I got some time with John Matthew’s wife, Donna Upledger, on the beach two nights ago and let her know how much I appreciate who she is and her support of all of us. She and I go way back and we shared some sweet memories of our last 30 years of knowing each other.

This whole weekend has been such a wonderful send off and honoring of who John Matthew was and the legacy of what he has left behind. He carefully planned the succession of power at the Upledger Institute so that it has happened without a hitch, leaving a capable, responsible team in place to carry it on. All of us who believe so deeply in the mission of Dr. John Upledger and Dr. Jean Pierre Barral are SO grateful for his foresight and business brilliance.

Note: This is not true in many other healing modalities that are valuable and important but will basically die with the developer because of this lack of business foresight. For this I give a huge wave of gratitude to John Matthew and the entire team at the Upledger Institute International and IAHE.

Then, last night as the celebration was winding down, I wandered out toward the beach with my two colleagues Lori Chinitz and Kate Mackinnon and we got to witness nature in action – planting new seeds – or laying eggs as the case was – as a huge sea turtle crawling up the beach before our eyes and began the process of laying her eggs. We watched from an appropriate, respectful distance and were in awe of the entire process.

And the potent metaphor of the new seeds of creativity and life in our lives emerging from the celebration of John Matthew’s life and legacy opens my heart for the decades to come at the Upledger Institute. This work has formed the core of my mission in life and the gifts I have cultivated.

Thank you so much John Matthew Upledger and all the staff at IAHE. I love and appreciate you all!



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