Hong Kong Delivers for the WWPT

Hong Kong is like the Manhattan of Asia. I feel as though I went from this urban, international city (Guangzhou) that is spread out across many, many miles, to a high density, high intensity city of tall buildings and many people. And yet, it feels quite intimate and more walkable in a way. Most of the shops in the area of my hotel at the corner of Jervois and Cleverly streets, are still small businesses, packed together tightly. Every here and there it expands out to a fountain or a temple of some kind.

Tomorrow is going to be Day 3 in the Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries class here in Hong Kong.

Once again, I am completely in love with this group of 20 unique individuals, each bringing their pain, their path and their gifts to the circle. We are all gathered in an intimate space to create healing community, men and women, young and old – and the healing is happening! I am excited for this wonderful group and I look forward to spending tomorrow talking about dreams, and how to hold a healing space for another.

May your days be fulfilling. And, enjoy!


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