Honeysuckle Breezes


In Full Bloom and Sweet As Can Be!

Honeysuckle breezes
Filling my nostrils
With sweet scent that lingers
Even after I pass by and you are gone.

I know you are a weed
Officially an invasive species
And yet I am seduced into loving you
Over and over again each spring
Called by your delicate blossoms
And that rich velvety scent.

Sometimes when I am walking
I feel compelled to turn around
Retracing my steps until I find you again
And then bury my face amidst your blossoms.

I cannot breathe deeply enough
Or take in enough of you to satisfy me
And so, each day I walk again
Looking for the honeysuckle bushes
All along my route
So I can quietly inhale
This gift from Mother Nature
For one more day.


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