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Dear Friend,

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following:

Why do so few people actually listen to their gut instincts?

What does it feel or look like when your gut is speaking to you?

How can you learn to trust your gut so that it becomes your ally in this interesting — and sometimes dangerous — world that we live in?

My name is Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, and I’m excited to share with you a process – vital for our survival – which I’ve discovered over the last several decades of practicing CranioSacral therapy, teaching internationally and developing the Healing From the Core curriculum.

Were you taught at a young age to turn off your innate inner guidance?

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When I was a young child I felt connected to my body. I could run, climb trees, build forts and play outside all day and into the evening.

As I grew older I began to shut down parts of who I was to please my family and excel in school. I slowly shut down my exuberance. I placed my needs last and tried to take care of everyone else first.

…I quickly learned how to reign in my emotions as much as possible and to value reason and thought more than the feelings and sensations in my body.

One hot humid day in the summer of 1971, life as I knew it changed.

As I sat talking with an old friend in his car, I felt a strange uneasiness in my gut. It seemed unreasonable to feel uncomfortable with my friend, so I ignored it. Besides, I thought it would have been impolite to say anything about it.

The next thing I knew, his hands were around my throat, and he was strangling me!

After that experience, I realized that if I had paid attention to my gut instincts, I could have avoided the whole situation. I promised myself that I would never second-guess my gut knowing again, and have dedicated myself to learning as much as possible about the innate wisdom of the body, and sharing that information with the world!

The Free Report That Can Save Your Life

Your body’s wisdom — your gut instinct — can do so much for you if you listen.

  • It can tell you exactly what your body needs (and exactly what it needs to avoid) to become healthy, energized and alive.
  • It can get you out of overwhelm and into the flow of life where everything unfolds naturally.
  • It can help you stay grounded, present and peaceful … even in the most distressing times.
  • It can empower you to make life-changing relationship decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • It can dissolve the emotional barriers that are stopping your from claiming your true worth at work.
  • As you’ll discover in just a moment, it can even tell you when it’s time to leave a dangerous situation … and in the process, save your life.

Trust Your Gut Cover Page 500

Using the tools provided in my Free Report (and with little work on your part), learn to never miss another gut feeling again.

Never before have I made this much information available for free. I’ve spent the last two and a half decades teaching people to listen during my Healing From the Core workshop series. Parts of the information in the Free Report are even in my book Full Body Presence, and in my audio series – but there’s no other book or study guide available where I have included so much concise, distilled information about how to recognize and use your gut instincts than in this Free Report!

Here are a few excerpts from the numerous letters and testimonials I’ve received:

It was like coming home to myself.

– Paula Kelly, Arizona

A profound transformational experience.

– Ashton Smith, Virginia

Simply Life Changing.

-Heidi Crozier, Alberta

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Trust Your Gut Cover Page 500

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