Holding the Shock and Trauma With Dignity and Strength

As you may have noticed from my blogs in recent weeks, I was expecting a different outcome in this election. And, right on the heels of a mostly sleepless election night I got out of bed on Wednesday morning, got in the car and drove out here to lead a marvelous group of students and staff in a five day WORKSHOP on trauma recovery. The irony of this is not lost on me! It has been both a blessing and a challenge to be fully present with this group as the days have passed after the election.

In my circle this week diversity is the rule embraced. Different genders, gender preferences, many races, age groups and abilities are well represented and empowered here. The makeup of this group has made me acutely aware of the issues facing Donald Trump and our nation as we move forward from here. I will be watching his actions closely to see whether he really meant it when he announced that he was ready to govern for everyone.

This morning I finally got to watch Hillary’s Wednesday morning speech and I must say, she embodied strength and dignity while openly acknowledging her pain and sadness. She reminded us that life is full of outcomes that are less than ideal and that we need to have or build the resilience to get back up and keep going for what is right and just for all.

She also invoked the rule of law and abiding by the laws of the land in which we live, which means she lost the election even though she won the popular vote.  No matter who you voted for, I suggest that it is well worth your while to take 12 minutes and watch her. She was truly an inspiration. Here in the LINK.


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