Help me find the Best Idioms for Pelvic Power

HI Everyone – my manuscript is due at the publisher’s shortly and I am really lacking on idioms – those phrases we use all the time – to connote the power that resides in the pelvis (chapter 7 in the new book – woohoo!)

Can you all drop into your pelvises and put on your thinking caps and shoot me back some pelvic power idioms right away!



5 thoughts on “Help me find the Best Idioms for Pelvic Power

  1. Cradle of creativity / creation

    For a woman, her pelvis is usually her center of gravity, so I tend to think of “dropping into my strength/stability/calm center” when I need to stabilize and be strong.

  2. Tap root strength

    Generation of creation

    (I like “creator-generator” better, but that might connote biblical creation & offend some)

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