Help Me Find the Best Idioms About “Gut Knowing”

Hi Everyone,

My creativity is flowing rapidly right now in the writing of my next book. Currently on Chapter 5, about Gut Wisdom or Gut Instincts, I am on a hunt for the best idioms (those little phrases we say to each other) about gut knowing, gut wisdom, gut instincts. Please help me finish this chapter by sending me your favorite “gut idioms” in the comments section below.

Thank you! And, have fun doing it please!


18 thoughts on “Help Me Find the Best Idioms About “Gut Knowing”

  1. What is your gut saying?
    What is your gut telling you?
    Trust your gut.
    What do you get or feel down deep?

  2. I describe it as Gut Feeling, since I get a discernible physical response of flutter, or instant vacuum, or lead, or other instant reactions, depending on the circumstances. Then if I am paying attention, I Know.

  3. This is Christy in the HFC office, I just want to let you know that Suzanne had been keeping up with this thread and is loving all of your responses! Thank you!

  4. Clare Campbell

    Goosebumps on my body is the way I know that I am on my life’s correct path, and that I am listening to my gut/intuition.

  5. These aren’t idioms but questions, statements or ways I understand how I use my body for inner knowing: When I feel nauseous. Where in my body am I getting information or the answer? I feel full or my belly is full.

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