Heart Opening Sweetness Arrives

I sit here tonight with my heart and chest feeling melted and warmed in a way that I have not experienced before in quite this way. The group exercise this morning took an unexpected turn as Spirit graced us with a sweet communion of souls. I was quietly holding space for the process in the room when suddenly a number of people crossed the threshold between fear and the joy of deep connection. The feeling in the room was palpable. The waves of emotion washed over me and I found myself drenched in joy as well. My chest expanded and tears streamed down my willing face as I drank in the room. As my eyes met those of my staff members across the room we nodded, eyes filling up and spilling over together.

And now, hours later, I feel as though I have ridden a large wave and been grinning widely all day. It’s the feeling I get when I have been touched by the grace of the Divine. There is an awe that we can feel in certain moments like this, and yet we do not control when or how these visitations occur. All is forgiven. All unworthiness drops away. Love is in the driver’s seat. Deep gratitude is all there is.


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