Healing Trauma by Expanding Your Perceptual Lens

One of the pivotal skills needed to grow in life, to create what you want in your world, and make a difference for yourself and others is the capacity to dream and expand your vision.

One of the primary effects of trauma in the human nervous system body is to skew our internal perceptual lens on our world, primarily towards danger possibilities – all sticks in our path become snakes and the fight-flight-freeze mechanisms engage much more rapidly. In other words, it narrows our perceptual lens. We no longer notice the flowers along the path that smell so fragrantly. We lose the beautiful vistas around us. Our creativity is diminished or extinguished, except for what will keep us safe.

One my joys in life is in assisting people in releasing trauma, returning them to the joy and beauty around them that they were missing.

I am currently at Esalen Institute teaching Full Body Presence: Grounding and Healthy Boundaries and today is the day where the skills to shift that skewed perceptual lens all unfold, step by step, bringing together all the other steps we have learned so far in this wonderful course. Exciting!

I have deep gratitude to those who felt called to attend this workshop, as well as my wonderful support staff and the beautiful grounds and environment of Esalen. Monday morning the sun was sparkling on the water and whale spouts and seal calls greeted me to start my first full day.

I remembered why I make this long journey each year. It is a pilgrimage for me, to a place that so deeply supports my work and my gifts. Thank you Esalen!


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