Healing Questions For My Foot

I am learning so much at a whole new level about listening to my body since this recent injury to my foot.

First question immediately after rolling so gracefully down the hill and across the lawn…

1. Oh, darn!  it really hurts – did I really do what I think I just did?

Answer from foot: you are in trouble

2. How can I quickly take care of this so it won’t ruin my day?

Answer from foot: Get help immediately and stop rushing me. (My colleague did a direction of energy technique for 10 minutes.)

3. How long is this going to hurt?

Answer from foot: Until we heal up and that depends on you – be patient.

4. Have I broken it or done something really serious?

Answer from foot: You better check it out. We are not happy. (Got it checked by an ER Doc. No broken bones that he could discern.)

5. Living at the top of a hill just became a real problem – what can I do?

Answer from foot: If you must walk, walk slowly and carefully. But honestly we are not happy with any weight on us.

6. How much work does this foot need to actually heal?

Answer from foot: As  much as it takes to heal – keep asking everyone who is qualified to work on it. It still hurts A LOT in certain moments when I put weight on it the wrong way.

End of Week One: I am now getting rides down the hill, and limping up the hill. I am receiving up to three hands-on treatments per day on a good day and the foot is showing signs of coming back although the moderate swelling it has exhibited from the beginning, as well as the heat on the top of the foot, has not abated except for brief stints immediately after treatments.

Returning to Reston: I try to walk with Carlos on flat terrain. No dice. Foot starts to swell and ache within two hundred feet.

7. Will I ever enjoy walking again? Although I am an adult, my inner ten year old just wants to go for a long walk and I cannot do that at this moment and I feel sure this is going to last forever

8. Will I ever like the stationary bike as much as I like walking around the lake? No, but it works to keep me sane.

9. How slowly can one foot heal? (In other words, how long is this going to take?)

Answer from foot: As long as it takes. Please quit whining.

10. Is it possible I did actually do something serious that requires western medical intervention?

Answer from foot: No, we are fine. Just let us heal.

End of Week Three: I am feeling slightly better. I now walk with only minor sore feeling pain and a slight limp. I have now had massage, physical therapy, deep tissue realignment, soft tissue and energy work, chiropractic adjustments (I love you all!)and work I cannot describe. It all feels wonderful as it is happening and I feel better, ever so slightly better afterwards…for about an hour.

11. Will I ever be able to run and walk again?

Answer from foot: Yes, be patient. We are getting better albeit slowly.

12. How can I get anywhere when I have to walk so slowly?

That’s the point, silly. Slow down. Be gentle with yourself. Oh.

13. The foot does not seem to want cold even though it is hot on the top. Can that be right?

Answer from foot: Listen to how it feels when you try the cold. Remove it if it feels bad.

14. What am I doing wrong that this is not healing?

Answer from foot: Nothing. Be patient. Healing is taking place, just slowly.

End of week four: I have had treatments from a plethora of wonderful therapists who offer to help me at AEDA (HFAE1). They actually treat not just the foot but the entire right side of my body. Duh. Why didn’t I think to ask for that before? It feels significantly better when they get done. YEAH!

15. Can it really be getting better?

Answer from foot: We told you we are healing. Take it easy. Do not go dancing or take a long walk yet!

I am humbled by this experience and eternally grateful to all the wonderful therapists who have treated me (many of you more than once) across the last month. There are too many to name and I might forget one, so please receive my deepest gratitude for all your help and loving, healing energy.

The healing continues and I am slowly learning to be patient. (Smile)


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