Happy New Year

I have begun 2016 by listening to one of my favorite musicians for opening my heart. Curled in my favorite spot with a warm mug in my hands, this allows me to move into my day of dreaming and journaling with all of me open and available. In navigating through my busy life it is easy to start to narrow my experience to get to the goals of the day. And today it is important to me that I set the tone for the rest of the year. Music is one way that opens me instantly and easily. I love slowing down to remember all of who I am and setting my intentions from this place.

For each of us, how we prepare ourselves to enter the new year is going to be slightly different. My choice in music may touch your heart – or it may not.  Movement is often a wonderful way to ignite the new year – together or alone. Gathering with friends and family when that nurtures you is another way to start the new year.

The key is to drop inside and purposefully choose what will feed and nurture your soul in the coming year. Make note of it, honor it, commit to it. And, enjoy!

PS. My musician this morning is a Cuban artist that Carlos and I discovered a number of years – Pablo Milanese. Here is the LINK to probably his most famous song, Yolanda. Check him out for yourself.


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