Happy Birthday Karen!

December 27, 2013

Today is my good friend Karen Hale’s birthday. We are not in the same location, so I am taking this time to say it out loud to the world and to you Karen through this blog post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! You are my most longstanding “friend connection”. We have been through thick and thin together – me a little thicker, you thinner…but who cares? As you often remind me, we have known each other since we were eleven and twelve, and that you are the older and wiser one (haha).

I deeply value our relationship. It has taught me the value of riding the waves of friendship – for almost 50 years! We have had years when we did not even see each other, and years when our lives were intimately connected. Through it all the strong threads of the tapestry of our friendship have lasted.

Another interesting facet to who we are is that we have had very different career and family paths. These are two factors that often provide the glue for life long friendships. We do share Reston, VA as our home and I have shared the raising of my children with you as an honorary Auntie.

So to what can we attribute our longstanding friendship? Two words pop into my mind immediately – Love and Acceptance. We have cultivated a relationship in which loving each other and accepting our differences is primary. We have offered each other what we could and it has been accepted with gracious gratitude. Any judgments I harbor I let go of as soon as they come to my consciousness. Our friendship is too precious to want to hold onto them. I notice that you seem to do the same.

So, I celebrate your life, Karen, I hope we have many more years to celebrate our friendship.


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