Grow Your Therapeutic Presence

My colleague Robyn Scherr was just published in the latest edition of Massage & Bodywork and I am honored to be quoted in her excellent article, entitled, “Cultivating Neutrality: Grow Your Therapeutic Presence.” Here is the link to the article for those interested in what was said. – the article is on Pages 74 – 79.

I found her coverage on this topic thought provoking, clear and an excellent read. I think it is interesting from a client perspective as well as the therapist view – enjoy!

Congratulations Robyn!


One thought on “Grow Your Therapeutic Presence

  1. An introspective piece that suggests to look at yourself more keenly—to remain clear of judgements, and while it might appear that your intentions are good at heart, perhaps these “good” ideas can get in the way of following the lead of the client and hampering the natural healing. Get out of the way, follow, and stay grounded. Whether you do this work or not, the ideas and suggestions are uplifting ones and could be applied in everyday life. I love Robyn’s thoughtful sharing of what she knows and experiences. She not only speak these words, she lives them. I am not trained in this wonderful work, but have tremendous respect for this field and I have to say it largely due to Robyn.

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