Gratitude is Just a Word

Full Body Gratitude

Gratitude is just a word
Until I drop into my heart
Until I expand the lens of my soul
Until I feel that pool of warmth starting to spread
Under my breast bone
Out into all of my chest and my backbone
Relaxing tightness I did not know I had
Until the moment it is gone.

Gratitude is just a word,
Until it spreads to my face
A smile cracking it wide open
And my eyes filling up
From my heart’s warmth
I want to laugh out loud
And so I do.

Gratitude is just a word,
Until it runs down my arms
Causing me to reach out
Sharing the warmth from my heart
Hugging closely
Hugging tenderly
Touching my world more deeply.

Gratitude is just a word,
Until it floods down into my belly
Discovering the home of my laughter.
Discovering the delight in this moment.

Gratitude is just a word,
Until it settles into my feet and legs
Causing me to get up and dance
Skip, walk, run, and play – woohoo!

Gratitude is just a word,
Until my fingers and toes
Are feeling the glowing sensation
Letting me know that I am truly, completely home.


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