Gratitude for LIFE

I am writing this blog in tears – tears of gratitude. My heart has been touched deeply by an email from a good friend. It was sent to all of us in his circle with the news that his cancer is in remission and he has an excellent prognosis.

I did not realize until this moment how I have been holding my breath metaphorically, as he has fought his way back to health since last April. Throughout his process he opened himself up to us and allowed everyone be a part of his healing – receiving hands on treatments of some kind almost every day, right alongside his chemo and radiation.

When he got the news last Tuesday that everything was clear, he sat down and sent us a thank you video. The tears just started streaming down my face as I watched him. I am so happy for him, his life, and all the gifts he brings to those around him.

What a wonderful final gratitude for this week.


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