Gratitude for Cool Air and Walking!

It has been a week since I could walk with no limp or pain at all. I have been cautiously optimistic all week as I have walked for longer and longer periods of time with no swelling or after effects. Then, tonight as the evening fell, I headed out for a walk in the cool night air. As I climbed the hill into the forest I could feel my body picking up speed. It felt really, really good. I breathed more and more deeply as I went. That felt wonderful. My whole system was kicking into gear and it felt great! I had a grin on my face that would not stop.

It will probably be a long time before I take my feet for granted again. It has been so curious to me these past two months as I have watched my internal dialogue about how my foot was healing. I found it frustrating at times. Then it became amusing. I got to notice how my whole system slowed down as I could not move in my usual healthy ways. I am thrilled to be walking again.

I am sending gratitude to my foot for healing so well (and to my left foot for taking up the slack all this time); and gratitude to all the people who have aided in my healing process (you all know who you are!) I am also grateful that my inspiration for life that usually keeps me moving at a good clip, allowed me some slower time to heal. This has been such a learning experience.

Thank you all.


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