Gratitude for All the Support

In the wake of Emilie Conrad’s passing on Sunday evening, I have spent this week remembering her and offering ways that others can remember her and feel touched by her legacy as well. Today I am including several more short Youtube videos of her teaching here in Reston, VA.

But before I launch those, I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to me this week. I can feel your warm arms around me, your concern reaching through the phone, emails and comments on my blog. It has been a tremendous support. There have been way too many to respond to individually, so please accept this warm blanket of gratitude sent back out en masse and know that I am feeling fully supported and loved as I travel this road.

Here are the links to Youtube and enjoy her as she shows up in all her fire and glory!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude for All the Support

  1. Thank you for sharing your ” Life with Emile” (Book?). Gumball .
    She will be remember forever in our hearts.
    Hugs, & Love Carol

  2. dear Suzanne ,
    as I participate in the dive in Seattle this weekend, I am holding YOU in my hug along with Emilie. You are continuing to be a bright light in my life and as honored as we were to see and move with Emilie here on earth, We are BOTH continuing to be touched and held by the entire community that grew from her work.

    know that YOU are honored and loved as the very special mentor and teacher to me that class in easlan in 2010. oh dear friend, I share prayers and sympathy for you.

    hope you don’t ming – I printed out your poem prayer and shared it in seattle at our dive on labor day – a little bit of free marketing won’t hurt you! and I will add a personal testimony of the wonder and presence and GIFT of your work too!

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