Giving Thanks

November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day is my favorite holiday. Period. Many events, large and small across the years have conspired to try and sour this day for me, but no luck. I still love Thanksgiving Day.
I give thanks for  being with family and friends who are like family.
I give thanks for a circle of people where we share our gratitude for what is in our lives that makes us happy – trees, beauty, family, close friends, good healthy food prepared and shared by all.
I give thanks for singing together – from the Thanksgiving song we do before our meal (where everyone groans as I pass out the words but then does their best to sing along) – to the Beatles, etc. extravaganza long after dinner is over with guitar and many voices.
I give thanks for taking the time to slow down and hear about each other over a delicious meal.
I give thanks for my husband, my mother and my son who all love and support this effort fully! (Alieza will be here for Christmas – another gratitude!)
I give thanks for the colder weather and a fire in the fireplace.


Life has been very full this year – and getting fuller as we move into the rest of the Holiday season. So I am taking time right now to say thank you to all of you who read my blog posts – I hope you can take the time to count your blessings as well – and enjoy!


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