Gifts of the Night

Slipping out of bed at 5am

Silently making my way down the stairs

Sitting by the window in the pale moonlight

Sipping hot chai, wrapped in a warm blanket


In the darkness the cold winds howl

Silver frost covers everything like icing

The moon is just a sliver of a smile

Calmness and peace wash over me.


In the darkness I can rest

No stimulation of light and shape and form

Calling my senses to pay attention

The rich velvet of the inky sky gently touches me


My mind settles and quiets

No where to go, nothing to do

I have all the time in the world

Right here, right now stillness reigns


I feel an inner sense of clarity emerging

Out of the mists of darkness ideas come

Like children they arrive at the door

Brightly dressed and ready to play


How long they have been waiting for me?

Waiting for me to get quiet

Waiting for me to rest back in myself

Waiting to be seen and heard and welcomed


My inner smile is wide

My heart like a warm fire

My belly warmed by it all

My bone deep knowing has arrived.


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