Full Body Presence and Touch

As the Budapest workshop came to a close today, they were practicing the final exercise of bringing all of the skills they had learned about presence and energy, back into touch. It was sweet and wonderful to witness these 40 participants simply being present, with kindness and compassion, as they came back to touching each other.

Bringing Presence and Touch Together in Budapest

Bringing Presence and Touch Together in Budapest

Almost everyone had attended CranioSacral therapy classes already, so touch is their primary mode of connection in their professional lives. This made it doubly sweet as they brought full body consciousness to what is typically automatic for them. The results were wonderful – as one man shared, “My son told me I was shining when I came home last night.” Well, to me, they were all “shining” when they got off the tables.

HUGE thanks to Orsi Gabriel for hosting this wonderful class and to Tim Davis for traveling all this way to assist me. Their support was invaluable and I could not have done it without them. Photos of us are below as we closed the final day.




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