From Russia With Love

Okay, Okay…so this whole Russian trip got off to a challenging start (see blog post on 10/21/16 – Walking My Talk in Russia.) It gave me the opportunity to work with my fears and unconscious prejudices for the first two or three days here. My dreams were rich, dark and filled with metaphors that reflected the inner work that my psyche was doing around being in this huge country that was our number one enemy the entire time I was growing up…Communism was the epitome of all evil and Russia was going to take us down if we did not get them first…and on and on…

One of Dr. Upledger’s mentors Dr. Stacey Howell had a wonderful quote that I share all the time that accurately reflects the cultural upbringing I had: “I don’t know why you are worried about the Communists, it is the viruses that are going to get us.” And yet, none of us worried about viruses – of course. It was always the communists. And I grew up in Washington, D.C., the hub of all the fear.

So, my arrival challenges unearthed it all…and what a fascinating week this has been! I have gone from working with deeply seated, unconscious fears to LOVING this warm, engaging, intelligent group of students. Here is the class photo and you can see that I feel held deeply in this circle of people!



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