Freedom From the Prison of Our Stories

I have a guest blogger today – Patrice Ficken is on staff for this weekend and she writes:

“As I listen and hold space for the group this week, I see facets of my own story reflected back to me.

I see how the “story” keeps us stuck in our head – how it’s like a prison guard who keeps torturing us with the same instrument over and over again – dragging us into the past or in the future. The escape is possible only through the pain – as you hold it gently and lovingly in this present moment. To feel into the pain and to wake up to the support here and now: a simple breath, a bird song, the full resources of the intelligence of the body calling us home to peace, to balance – showing us the way out of the prison of our stories.

To keep telling the story is to be held prisoner by “facts” and “beliefs” that may be untrue. There is no freedom in the story at all. Only entrapment by the same details -which we use to wound ourselves over and over again.

Often as this work we are doing together unfolds, the prison door gets opened and yet we remain inside the cell, rattling our cup on the bars and continuing to rail on the painful details of the story.

And then the moment arrives when we realize that the opening is there and we can choose to walk through it…into the freedom of being alive in the present moment.”


One thought on “Freedom From the Prison of Our Stories

  1. So true. Yet to even see the door as an opening to better things has ever been just a gift, one of mystery for sure because I always know it was always there, but I perceived it differently this time.
    I read at the garden store today, “The secret of nature is patience.”
    I know when I’m impatient, I’m out of my own nature, and this gift cannot find me.

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