For Women Everywhere – When the Time Comes to Say “No More”

When the time comes to say, “No more”
To those in your life who have pushed you around,
Who have tried to tell  you what you should do,
Or what is right for your own body,

Then you will know it and the words will come
Rushing out of your mouth and
You will hardly recognize your voice
But out they will come to the surprise of
Everyone, but particularly the bullies
Who think they have control of you.

When the time comes to say “No More”
Even to those who would tell you
It is for your own good and
Why don’t you just go along with the plan
Like everyone else is doing?
Why are you making waves and
That they know what is best and most moral.

Be ready for your words to come rushing out
Because they will come
When the time is right and
That time is soon or perhaps now
You will feel it…

And the waves of freedom
In your bones and in your gut and in your heart
They feel GOOD once those words are out
And you have stood in your power and
Persevered through their protests
Telling you it is all your problem and
Why are you so angry and outraged?

Do not be thrown off by the manipulations
Stand your ground
Do not be confused by their twisted words
Trying to put it all back on you
Stand your ground
Let your previously quiet voice
Have the strength and volume
It was meant to have
When you stand your ground
And say “No More!”


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